Excite Rally Raid is the first professional British Dakar Rally Team, combining World-class drivers with an experienced management, marketing and support crew. We are a highly competitive and ambitious rally raid team sporting a unique All-female Crew. A crew at the cutting edge of endurance motorsport and ambassadors for raising the profile of brands, businesses and the UK through cross-country racing.

The FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies runs throughout the year but the pinnacle race for the sport is the world famous Dakar Rally. Our challenge is hard work but the rewards are big – no other motorsport has such a dedicated fan base nor is so accessible to its fans during competitions.

2018 will see us competing in the British Cross Country Championships, The Welsh and Scottish Hill Rallies and potentially one or two European competitions as well.

With over a billion people following the trials and tribulations of just the Dakar Rally alone, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase just what British talent, grit and determination can achieve.