Meeting Our Challenge

Rally Raiding, more commonly known as off-road or cross country racing, is a tough sport and needs a special breed of men and women. The FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies has approximately 10 rounds.  A Cross-Country Rally is an event on which the itinerary covers the territory of one or several countries. There are three types of event : Cross-Country Rally, Cross-Country (Marathon) and Cross-Country (Baja).

Each round typically covers between 1,200km (min) and 3,000km and over eight days. The Dakar Rally is recognised as the pinnacle of Cross-Country Rallying and the World’s most gruelling and arduous motorsport event.  As an individual event the statistics are staggering: More than 450 competitors cover in excess of 9,000 km in 14 days racing with just one middle rest day, over some of the most hostile environmental conditions found anywhere on the planet.  It isn’t just cross-country it’s trans-continental.  Many leading vehicle manufacturers enter their vehicles with professional drivers in the Dakar Rally and the FIA Championship, to take advantage of the opportunity to market their products to a global audience – billions watch on TV and media coverage is relentless. Equally, a large number of entries come from private, entrepreneurial teams who compete just for the adventure.

Excite Team GB is Britain’s first professional Dakar Rally Team.  Combining world-class drivers with an experienced management, administration and support crew.  We are open for a Title Sponsor who shares our passion and hunger for success.  Our media exposure is multi-cultural, hospitality is unique, the fans are loyal and have an appetite for team merchandise. But we don’t just want to take part, we drive to win classes and categories and to take overall honours.  We are committed to “Driving Passion Into British Motorsport”.  After success in all other formulas of motorsport, Britain is waiting for a new challenge… and we can deliver it.